WA statement on electrical licence recognition

The Chair of the Western Australian Electrical Licensing Board has released the following statementĀ on the board's position on recognition of overseas electrical licences.

Recently the Electrical Licensing Board became aware that persons were "shopping" for licences around Australia. The purpose of "shopping" around was to find a state regulator who would issue an Electrician's Licence after they attended a short bridging course. These persons then applied for a WA Electricians Licence under the Mutual Recognition Act. Under this Act, the WA Electrical Licensing Board is obliged to issue an unrestricted Electrician's Licence.

In most such cases, the applicant is from overseas and presents initially with an Australian Recognised Trade Certificate issued by Trade Recognition Australia stating they are qualified as an electrical fitter only. Clearly such applicants will not have the required twelve months practical installing experience required to gain a full WA licence.

The Electrical Licensing Board is not satisfied that such licence holders will have the level of competence required for a WA Electrician's Licence. Accordingly, in all such cases the Board will require the licence holder to undertake a competency assessment. If the person fails the assessment, his or her licence will be suspended forthwith and remain suspended until adequate competency can be demonstrated. Usually, this will require gaining the required twelve months of on-the-job experience and successfully completing the Electrical Trades Licensing (ETL) Course at a registered training organisation (RTO).

The recommended approach for such applicants is to complete the 80-hour ETL Course at an RTO. The Licensing Office will then issue the applicant a three-year Electrical Worker's Permit. This allows the applicant to perform electrical fitting work unsupervised and should enable him or her to accumulate twelve months of appropriate electrical installing experience under supervision on the job, while gaining immediate employment. After completing the experience requirement they will then be required to complete the ETL Course again if they took longer than two years to accumulate the required installing experience.

For more information on electrical licensing requirements in Western Australia visit www.docep.wa.gov.au/EnergySafety/Content/Licensing/Electrical_contractors_and_workers/index.htm

This article was sourced fromĀ EnergySafety's Energy Bulletin Edition 47.

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