High risk work licensing transition arrangements in NSW

WorkCover NSW will implement the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work on 1 September 2009.

WorkCover NSW has advised that there will be no transition period after this date. Therefore, between now and 1 September 2009 WorkCover NSW accredited assessors are required to align with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), and RTOs are required to add the required units to their scope of registration and apply to WorkCover NSW for licensing purposes.

This mean that the existing National Certificate of Competency (NCOC) assessment procedure will apply up to 31 August 2009, with the new high risk work training and assessment arrangements to commence on 1 September 2009 with no overlap.

For RTOs, registering to deliver the units will be a two stages process:

1. Apply to state training authority to add specified unit(s) of competency (uocs) to the RTOs scope of registration:

  • the RTO must apply to their state training authority (NSW VETAB) to have the specified high risk work UOCs added to their scope of registration
  • NSW VETAB will contact the RTO with details regarding a high risk work UOC and safety audit
  • If an interstate RTO already has the specified UOCs under their scope of registration, they must contact their state training authority to extend their scope to New South Wales, and provide evidence to WorkCover NSW when this has occurred
  • Once the specified UOC(s) have been added to the RTOs scope of registration, the RTO must then contact WorkCover NSW to obtain approval to conduct high risk licence assessments.

2. Lodge an application with WorkCover NSW to conduct high risk work licence assessments:

  • RTOs are required to complete and lodge this application form, including a $500 WorkCover NSW application fee. This fee includes a $200 non-refundable administration fee. For help completing this form, please call WorkCover NSW Third Party Management Unit on 1800 855 969
  • RTOs are required to nominate the WorkCover NSW Accredited Assessors who will conduct their high risk work licence assessments. At least one assessor who holds the relevant class(es) must be nominated. Additional assessors may be nominated any time thereafter, by completing the Application for a RTO to Add or Remove a Nominated Assessor, Authorised Officer, UOC, or to Amend RTO Contact Details.
  • WorkCover NSW will provide written confirmation to the RTO of the outcome of this application
  • If approved, the RTO will also be issued with the WorkCover NSW Guidelines for Conducting High Risk Work Assessments in NSW incorporating the Code of Conduct, and associated WorkCover NSW licence assessment paperwork.

VETAB in conjunction with WorkCover NSW has released a guideline document for RTOs delivering training for the Licensing of Persons Performing High Risk Work in NSW. More information on the guideline document can be found in this article www.licensinglinenews.com/ViewArticle.asp?issueid=381&articleid=2779

For further information contact WorkCover NSW on 1800 855 969.

This page was generated on 26 August, 2009