Victoria updates RSA refresher course website

Consumer Affairs Victoria in Victoria has updated and given a new look to the Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) Refresher Course, which is located on its website.

The online course provides the opportunity for those who have previously completed an RSA Course to update their knowledge on responsible serving practices. It also acts as a bridging unit for people who have completed RSA in other states and territories of Australia.

The new look course now includes links to relevant publications and audio lessons, and is divided up into five lessons:

  • facts about alcohol
  • intoxication
  • underage and alcohol
  • duty of care
  • refusal of service.

Upon successful completion of the Refresher Course, participants print a Letter of Acknowledgement which is then attached to their previously obtained RSA certificate.

Consumer Affairs Victoria recommend those who hold an RSA certificate should refresh their knowledge every three years.

For those without a RSA certificate it is important to note that the Refresher Course is not an alternative to participation in a Responsible Serving of Alcohol Workshop.

For more information on the RSA Refresher Course website visit

This page was generated on 26 August, 2009