New demolition and asbestos courses in Qld

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) is advising registered training organisations (RTOs) that two recently developed accredited courses to meet licensing requirements in the areas of asbestos removal and demolition work are now available for purchase.

From 1 February 2009, people holding a certificate to perform work in the prescribed occupation of asbestos removalist issued prior to 1 February 2002 will no longer be compliant with the legislation.

Holders of the old prescribed occupation certificates must complete the new accredited course (listed below) and obtain a Statement of Attainment prior to 1 February 2009 to remain compliant.

The two WHSQ courses, which are now available for purchase from the Queensland Department of Education, Training and the Arts' Centre for Training Materials, are:

  • 30764QLD - Course in the Safe Removal and Disposal of Asbestos
  • 30765QLD - Course in Demolition Theory and Application

As the deadline for compliance is 1 February 2009, there is some urgency in making these courses available to ensure people are able to meet the licensing requirements prior to that date.

RTOs looking to extend their scope to deliver these courses are encouraged to do so quickly as the registration process with Department of Education, Training and the Arts and WHSQ could take up to three months to complete.

RTOs interested in purchasing the course materials for either of these courses can contact the Centre for Training Materials on 07 3248 4675.

For more information contact WHSQ on 07 3872 0692.

This page was generated on 04 January, 2010