New entrant training for liquor licensees in Victoria

New training standards have been developed for prospective Victorian liquor licensees to help them gain an adequate knowledge of liquor laws and licensee obligations.

An approved new entrant training course has been developed. This one-day program is offered through selected TAFE colleges and approved training providers.

People who should attend the course include:

  • 'natural person' applicants who don�t presently hold a Victorian liquor licence. ('Natural persons' are human beings, as distinguished from artificial persons or corporations recognised by the law.)
  • where the licence is to be held by a company, one director of that company
  • where the licence is to be held by a club, one member of the committee of management of the club
  • a director of a company that presently holds a licence, who is seeking to obtain another licence as a 'natural person' or as part of another body corporate
  • where the directors of a company all live outside Victoria, a nominee must be appointed who will be required to complete the training
  • if the applicants are a partnership, all partners need to complete the training
  • an applicant who is an appointed nominee
  • applicants for renewable limited licences with an on-premise capacity
  • applicants for certain limited licences where a judgement is made by the Director of Liquor Licensing that the training would be appropriate
  • applicants seeking approval to sublet all or part of a licensed premises

New entrant training includes an approved Responsible Serving of Alcohol program and also provides training on the law for liquor licensees, understanding licence responsibilities and best practice for managing licensed premises.

Those who have completed the Responsible Serving of Alcohol component need only complete the session on licensing issues.

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